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Chores can be managed and we can make it fun!

Extra Allowance Card
Download PDF • 37KB

Extra Screen Time Cards
Download PDF • 34KB

Kitchen Duties
Download PDF • 22KB

Screentime Checklist
Download PDF • 158KB

Weekly Chore Chart
Download PDF • 182KB

Wake up, get yourself ready, get your family ready, get the kids to school on time, get yourself to work on time...don't forget about the traffic.. work work work and try to remember to eat... then clock out and hope to beat rush hour- pick up the kids before the extended care charges a fee, then go home and get dinner ready. Dishes and homework, bedtime and do it all over again-

That sounds absolutely exhausting, and we didn't even mention chores- the daily ends and outs of household duties.

It's very easy to get overwhelmed and fall into a mess that can seem bigger than you are.

House chores are a family responsibility. Everyone lives in the house, everyone can contribute. It is very easy to forget how important it is to teach our children that chores are a part of learning to survive. A clean house is a happy house. Nobody wants to live in filth. No one wants to share a home with bugs that feast on the mess that gets out of hand

I can remember hating to do the dishes growing up-but now that I have a home and children of my own, the same conversations I had with my parents - I find myself having similar conversations with my kids.

I have more responsibilities than I want to admit-

but hardly any of these responsibilities are going to matter when I'm not here anymore.

Do you know what will matter?

What I did for my family.

The type of stories I want to reflect on are the ones of how I tried my best to show my children how to be successful

It's not easy holding your loved ones accountable. It's not easy keeping up with everything that demands our attention-

I have created a few pages that will hopefully help-

These are what we use in our house- I have printed them, and put them in frames I got from the dollar store-

I have them hanging up-and we enjoy using them

It helps to take things into bite-sized pieces.

I hope you may find them useful too. Feel free to download and print.

and remember:


and if no one has told you lately,

I'm proud of you.

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