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This year's #LOVEYOURSELFIE2019 was hosted at @AVEDA Institute, Jacksonville FL. 


On Sunday, February 10th, 2019 from 2PM until 5 PM 

Address: 10601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257 

Attendees of the event were treated to a professionally groomed style, then captured in a photoshoot, by our award-winning photographers; to boost self-esteem. Surrounded by professionals, and self-care advocates, to educate their sense of self-care; and enhance their level of self-worth.   Not only is this a donation-based fundraiser, it's a celebration.

 A mark of no return, to remember- there's no going backward from here.

AVEDA’s students and affiliates volunteered to service the attendees- a style, consisting of a blowout and makeup session, followed by a maze of wellness stations and community resources.

Award-winning Photographers were staged to a variety of sets for photoshoots. 

Uptown Cheapskates Resale opened their store to offer a special discount and gifted each attendee an accessory for their photoshoot. 




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CTFOD partner photo of Host Catalina Alers-Alers photo taken at CTFOD loveyourselfie event 2019
CTFOD partner Photo of host @stuckwithmel picture taken at the CTFOD loveyourselfie event 2019




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Thank youto ourPartners

Picture of CTFOD Founder @Casiecasem and Depression Rap performer, special guest Nicholas Beninati

The Depression Rap, performed live by Special Guest and Educator, Nicholas Beninati. 

Picture of CTFOD VP @bearmangreen with Award Winning Barber Rich Cutz

Special Thanks to Award winning artist- Rich Cutz and The FADEMASTERS(7) of Tampa, our partnering Barbers. 

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Thank youto ourPhotographers

CTFOD partner Photo of CTFOD partnering photographer Adela Hittell, taken at the CTFOD Loveyourselfie Event 2019
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Let me introduce you to Adela:

I’m not completely sure how I came across her on Facebook, I give credit to divine intervention...but when I did- I couldn’t stop following her. She did everything. *Everything I wanted to do-( Makeup, Photography... founder of a Magazine and an Incredible Non-Profit. 

She’s realized she’s limitless- just like YOU are. Her hair is wild and her energy is my next-level aspiration. I met her in a group we were both a part of-I had no idea she’d be there. I had a complete and total “fan girl” moment and gathered every ounce of courage I had to introduce myself. 

She squeezed me SO tight-

I swear I could feel my pieces puzzling back together. She invited me to work with her on set the next weekend then gave me the reins to be creative. She believed in me. 

And I believe in her-

Adela’s story is incredible. She’s a survivor.  

She has become a mentor of mine as well as established herself as a Mental Health Advocate. 

You’ll have the chance to meet her firsthand- her spirit is contagious- You’ll see what I mean. 

CTFOD partner photographer GENOPIX picture taken at CTFOD Love yourselife event 2019 photo by ADELAHJAX
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I met Geno the first opportunity I worked with Adela. It was a high fashion photoshoot, and not only was there high energy,- standards were even higher.  I have been on many sets of many styles of photography shoots- I’m a licensed photographer, myself.  I had, at that point, never experienced anything quite like working with Geno.  Eugene “GenoVision” Thomas originated his career as a DiscJockey. The attention to detail and passion for shadowed lighting planted as he learned to control the vibe of the party. He discovered “timing is everything” when it comes to grasping the right shot- it all orchestrates with the movement.