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Remi Clog- Disorganized Cleaning

I absolutely love watching Remi Clog videos. She helps me feel sane. I do my best at keeping things looking like a magazine around here- but no matter how many old southern women I hear shaming me in my thoughts- it is simply not possible to keep my house tidy ALL the time. I have 5 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle, 20 acres, and a husband.... and I must admit to you guys... and myself... I can create a good-looking mess too.

Thanks for opening yourself up Remi, your honest perspective really takes a load of weight off.

Check out her cleaning videos- and she's great at keeping you company while you tidy your disorganized chaos. Love and Light... take each day one step at a time- and I've found it's easier to start from the corners, then work your way out.


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