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This year's #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 was hosted at AVEDA Institute Tampa Bay/ Clearwater. 


On Sunday, February 9th, 2020 from 10 AM until 4 PM 

Address: 28272 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33761  

Attendees of the event were treated to a professionally groomed style, then captured in a photoshoot, by our award-winning photographers; to boost self-esteem. Surrounded by professionals, and self-care advocates, to educate their sense of self-care; and enhance their level of self-worth.   Not only is this a donation-based fundraiser, it's a celebration.

 A mark of no return, to remember- there's no going backward from here.

AVEDA’s students and affiliates volunteered to service the attendees- a style, consisting of a blowout and makeup session, followed by a maze of wellness stations and community resources.

We were donated dozens of designer gowns: ranging in shape, size, color, and styles to choose from-

Award-winning and internationally known Photographers were staged in a variety of sets for photoshoots. 


Motivational speakers, hygiene and wellness experts, as well as, local community resources, encouraged accountability of personal self-care with the importance of mental health. 

Ferrari of Tampa Bay  partnered with us by bringing two of their cars for us to take photoshoots, in celebration of their support and to assist with curb appeal- 





Thank youto ourpartners

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Thank youto ourGuest speakers

Thank you to our Guest Speakers

change depression
change depression
picture of guest speaker Autumn Kinkade. Autumn was a guest speaker for CTFOD Loveyourselfie event 2020 at Aveda Tampa Bay
change depression
change depression
picture logo of Payton the "Shake N Bake" of sobriety. Payton was a guest speaker at CTFOD Loveyourselfie Event 2020 with Aveda Tampa Bay

Autumn Kinkade is a 19 yr old surviving twin who was born weighing 1lb 12oz.  Autumn has been modeling about 4 years. She has been  published in over 60 magazines to include Seventeen Magazines "Perfectly Me" segment and recently in Gladys magazine as 1 of 11 "True Beauties" alongside Elle Macpherson. Autumn has also appeared on multiple billboards in NY and LA.   She has walked the runway in NY, La, Fl, Co, Nola and more. Autumn is a paid motivational speaker that travels the USA "Making A Difference One Ability At A Time”. Autumn is currently the National title holder for "Miss You Can Do It" and last month she won the national title for "Miss Nation Nationals”. Last month she was given an honorary degree in Christian Experience & Professional Speaking with a concentration in Christian Prayer Warriorship.
Autumn has suffered her own bouts of depression over the past year in which she had to seek professional help.

Nicholas Beninati is a Middle School Health, Science and PE teacher for Duval County Public Schools.   He's been teaching for ten years. Alongside teaching he's also a UPS part-time supervisor, and has worked there for 16 years.  He graduated from the University of North Florida in Education. He has two wonderful children,  Madison Rose and Aiden James. With his experience in teaching health he's come to realize the importance of teaching his students about mental health alongside with the physical and social health. To encourage his students to remember important lessons, and teach them self worth, Nick has gained a new passion for writing rap style songs to recite as lessons.  Nick is the writer and performer of “The Depression Rap”, along with many other powerful songs. 

Darla Allgood is a Public Speaker. Speaking at women's conferences all over the USA and abroad. Her testimony is all about taking a heartbreaking experience and turning it into pure joy. She works with Elite Pageants and Fashion shows all over the globe. Titled a “Lifetime Queen”, Darla has been on Fox and friends, The Today Show and the Jane Pauley show, sharing her story. Darla loves to share all she has been through and persevered. You can find Darla’s story is in the book “God Winks at you”

Payton Lewis Vaughn is a recovering addict. “Which means I battle with drug addiction everyday of my life.”  From doing drugs and being homeless in Jacksonville fl, to going to Portland Oregon, starting his recovery journey. Since then Payton has made it his passion to break the stigma on the outlook: “once an addict always an addict”. -We do recover from this terrible illness, I mentor people from west coast to the east coast being a strong individual for those who feel they can't but want to. Payton is the founder of #recoverystrong meetings in Jacksonville fl which is the first of its kind. A place for everyone, of all walks of life and recovery to come together, to recover people on the streets. To find recovery. And to learn to love yourself.

Brandy Klimack has been describe as an "old soul" and a fighter. Wise and mature for her age of 27, she has a perseverance to keeping going, despite the life events being thrown at her. Television, film and coffee are a few of Brandy’s favorite things. I will stand up for what is right, will protect those that need it and will speak the true no matter what.  I'm a good sister and great friend but underneath it all I live with Chronic Migraine.I am an actor and have been in films like Make Me Beautiful and Over. I have modeled and am branching out into film writing, producing and directing. Coffee is a big part of my life, thanks to my grandma, who has also influenced me in more ways than I can count. Since I love coffee so much, I hope to get into coffee roasting some day and maybe even own my own coffee company. I love supporting local businesses, especially local coffee shops.

Isaak Wells is a Canadian American. He was born with a congenital heart defect and suffered from major lung, and heart problems which caused most of his youth to be confined to a hospital bed. He was also born with High Functioning Autism which he later would channel into acting. Voicing in AAA and indie games as well as acting in independent movies and online shorts/series Isaak brings everything he can to a performance. Isaak is a writer, actor, and voice actor. He’s been in several movies including the voice of Whiplash on Marvel Avengers Academy, and Jigsaw on Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.  Isaak has produced several short films and has various voiceovers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. 

change depression

Karen "KK" Cherney is an exceptional educator and beloved by those who know and collaborate with her.  She is a founding educator for the continuously number one rated elementary school in Duval County, Chet’s Creek Elementary, and has held the position of Head Media Specialist since 1998, retiring in June 2019.  In 2010, KK beat out educators across the nation to win the prestigious Alferd Williams Literacy Award given by Scholastic Books to honor those who inspire a love of reading. KK has won additional awards including “The Super Hero Librarian Award” by Channel 12. KK currently serves the national book fair committee for Scholastic Books and member of Kid’s Hope Alliance Literacy Task Force for Jacksonville, Literacy Pros of Jacksonville,  the vice-president of the Kids Literacy, Inc. and a founding member of the UNF Library Dean's Leadership Council from 2008 - 2011 and recently resumed her membership in 2017. KK’s perfect life began crumbling in January 2016 when her beloved soulmate of 39 years had a total of 5 heart attacks and later died on August 13, 2016.  The world continued to spin out of control 30 days later when her brother in law committed suicide. 2016 was a year of death, illnesses, weddings and trauma for the entire family. GRIEF became a new way of life for KK which later became one of the greatest gifts that she had ever been given. Once told that “you may not come out of this grief because you love too deeply”, KK walked the road of healing in stilettos searching for the right answers and a quick fix to live once more.Her story is one of acceptance, love and forgiveness of self.

picture logo of Stuntman Sydd Thompson. Sydd was a guest speaker at CTFOD Loveyourselfie Event 2020 with Aveda Tampa Bay

Sydd Thompson came from a broken home and grew up in foster care. He used writing as an escape from reality. Deciding he wanted to bring his writings to life, Sydd started writing with small plays, and short skits at church. Leading him to start working on fan films in Atlanta, doing extra and stand in work. He worked his way up to learning stunts. The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, then brought onto a few Marvel films to work with the stunt team. Now in Jacksonville Florida working with the film crews here while promoting positive energy and self love with #CTFOD

change depression

Very Special Thank You to Danzas Peru for traveling from Jacksonville to Tampa, showing your incredible strength and love for keeping your heritage alive, and for your passion for Mental Health.  Thank you for a beautiful performance in efforts to help Change the Face of Depression-

Thank youto ourPhotographers