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CTFOD- SeaBreeze

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

***I do not own any rights to the awesome music playing for your entertainment***

Hey Guys!

CasieCasem here! Whew, what a long night- I just got back from watching my favorite local band (DOC MOCCASIN) perform. As you can tell, my full face needed to be washed before I could go to bed.

Check out my tutorial for this MOTD look here:

This is my simple- yet staple Fresh Face routine.

If you happen to have more time on your hands and want a deeper/ full bodied "take care of yourselfie" session, check out my Deep Clean Full Routine- here:

And if you enjoy a more step by step description of the products, check out my Beauty Breakdown video, here:

First, I always clean the inside out before I clean the outside, rinsing with peroxide to give my whitening a little boost.

I wash my face with "Say yes" to activated charcoal soap. I highly recommend using a rotating flat head face wash brush. It doesn't matter the brand, they all work great.

Usually, I use Apple Cider Vinegar for my astringent, but tonight I'm going with an oldie but a goodie- SEABREEZE.

man, I forgot how much I loved this stuff.

For a little lash and brow growth encouragement- I use a clean mascara wand to apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I don't recommend using the ones with a scent.

I finish with a light/ oil free moisturizer- as we age like fine wine... it's extremely important to remember not to forget that moisturizer :)

Currently, I'm loving Mario Badescu's Oil free Moisturizer, followed by "Yes to Tomatoes" daily balancing moisturizer.

CHEERS to your pretty face

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Remember, you don't have to follow my routine or use any of these products... I'm simply here to encourage you to do something.

Love you guys- it's the little victories.

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Also, check out what else we've got going on:


Until next time- love you.

Music: Feel Good in Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa vs. Gorillaz (mashup)

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