so... ah... what's this "LOVEYOURSELFIE" you keep talking about? well. COME CHECK IT OUT!!!

If you are interested in donating your time and skill for this incredible cause, YOU ARE NEEDED.


The #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 event is set for Sunday, February 9th, 2020.

The LOVEYOURSELFIE event is a source for resources.

Attendees of the event are treated to a professionally groomed style then captured in a photoshoot by our award winning photographers in efforts to boost self-esteem. They'll be surrounded by professionals and self-care advocates to educate their sense of self care and enhance their level of self worth. Not only is this a donation based fundraiser, it's a celebration. A mark of no return, to remember- there's no going backwards from here. Change The Face of Depression is a Foundation where Artists/ Stylists/ Cosmetologists/ Photographers/ Makeup (ect.) can come together: *Expand their portfolio *Gain experience *Network *Market *Make an impact on someone's life.

Providing a mini-makeover and photo shoot. *Essential for Self Esteem *Education *Mental Health

The Convention will be broken into sectors, then genre.

Horror Glamour shots Portraits Boudoir Raw Image (ect.) The genres will be broken down into booths. Each booth will be broken down to chair.

A company or full team/ business will occupy an entire booth/ any additional space in the booth would be open as a chair. Chairs can be occupied individually, per genre they are interested in working with: *Gain Experience *Team work *Build Creationism *Network

Donations/ Hours will be credited to all companies/ schools/ individuals as it's a partnering business and non-profit.

The variety of art perspectives will enhance the opportunity to show beauty in a multitude of forms.

I feel, honestly, if this was something offered to me during my darkest days of depression, it would have made a great impact on my recovery. Something so simple, yet so important.

A chance at a reset. A beautiful and powerful opportunity for a vital, yet so often complacent, reminder of one's worth. Our mission is Impact for Impact.

Impact the world in a better way than the world impacted you-

This year's #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 will be hosted at AVEDA Institute Tampa Bay/ Clearwater.

we NEED Photographers/ Videographers/ and Makeup Artists.

We are also looking for additional vendors and sponsors! There are donation opportunities for raffle and auction!

If you are interested in participating, please reach out!

your LOGO will go on our event marketing and programing. this is an INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY EVENT AND MARKETING OPPORTUNITY!

or- just come and check out what we've got going on! You're INVITED!

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