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Peace - Yoga Sunday

What do you think of when you hear the word yoga?

When I hear the word yoga, I think of: Structure, Control, Balance, Angles, Mindfulness, Peace, and Clarity.

Number six on our yoga journey is Peace.

Why do I think of Peace when I think of yoga? Because yoga inspired your mind, body, and soul to live in the moment. It does not require you to think of the future or the past. It clears your mind to help you open your eyes to what is truly important. It takes away the anxiety of the what has past or what is yet to come. Yoga helps you work through your problems to acknowledge a solution. It provides a Peace of mind.

How you may ask? While practicing yoga you are required to focus on your movement. Most yoga teacher practice calming the mind before and after a yoga session to allow you to open your possibilities. It requires full concentration to achieve your goals. While your legs are shaking and your arms are weak you don't think of anything else besides holding that pose as long as you can. It encourages you to be better than you once were.

Once you are finished with a yoga practice your mind is at easy because you've placed all of your energy into completing your yoga session. It's very similar to other workout in that aspect. Most gym rats find weights or a treadmill as a way to release anger and stress because it does the same thing. All of the negative energy is focused into completing that last rep or running that last mile. It is therapeutic.

Playing soft music or just listening to the bird chirping while doing yoga can also stimulate and enhance peace and calmness within your mind.

Next time you decided to do yoga, try meditating before and after while playing soft musical sounds in the background or listen to the sounds of nature. You will find your practice more relaxing and enjoyable. You will find peace.

Thank you for tuning in to Yoga Sunday and exploring the world of yoga with me.

Make waves and become the myth, MermaidStace


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