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42 Minute. Calming Yoga with Mermaid Stace

Yoga Sunday with Change the Face of Depression. This is a calming and relaxing yoga session for beginners. We will focus on aligning the mind and body.

Normally, once a month, we go to the park and host a free, community welcome , yoga session. Hosted by Mermaid Stace.

Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 virus, we've had to cancel due to social distancing.

Well, that didn't stop Mermaid Stace from helping us calm through this historic chaos.

Try something new. I LOVE yoga.

Give it THREE shots before you give up. It's hard. Yoga is NO joke. It's a full body work out.

...but it's a full body work out. It feels SO good to stretch your muscles. it feels great to exercise.

Be sure to check out Mermaid Stace on Youtube,

and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Much love and light.

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