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NEL books to choose from..Free!

National Emergency Library Announcing the National Emergency Library, a collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching,...

I submitted my DNA

'Uploading' your DNA to solve cold cases: What to know about the new local push When does your own DNA become data for someone else? There's


Change the Face of Depression (CTFOD) is centered on the elements of self-care; raising awareness of it's importance to the teachings of imp


What an INCREDIBLE DAY talking to the students at AVEDA. I'm extremely excited for you to meet the volunteers- The only question they had

There's no time for anything else.

Keanu Reeves writes.. "My friend's mom has eaten healthy all her life. Never ever consumed alcohol or any "bad" food, exercised every day, v


so... ah... what's this "LOVEYOURSELFIE" you keep talking about? well. COME CHECK IT OUT!!! If you are interested in donating your time an

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