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What is a Dad?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What is a Dad?

A Dad is something completely different from a Mom.

A Dad is an informal word for father. It's a word like "pop" or "daddy." Some families have two dads, others have none. Sometimes a dad gets a “World's Greatest Dad” mug on Father's Day.

But what makes Dads great?

At last year's #CTFOD event, we were donated dozens upon dozens of dresses and accessories to play with during our photoshoots-

Dads are great at taking on embarrassment.

Dads are great at fixing things. They are the "fixers"

Dads are great at showing their strength and defying stereotypes.

Dads are great at laughing at themselves, especially if it helps us to feel better.

And these great Dads shed their shame and dressed up because their daughters wanted to, but were too shy-

Glitter, Lip color, accessories, and ball gowns were no match to a couple of Dads who wanted their kids to enjoy the day for all it was worth. And what an incredible moment it was to witness.

to the nights and the mornings where you lie in bed, wishing you could be better- wishing you could do better-

Cheers to those moments because those moments show you care.

And being a Father who cares is the greatest gift you could ever give.

Happy Happy Father's Day-

Thank you, for all you do.

Every single day, we are faced with something new.

A new diversity, a new challenge- a new victory.

And every single day- we grow.

80% of the success is showing up-

The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.

photocredit Adela Hittell

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