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EAR Candles! You've got to try this!

Ear Candles!

Have you ever heard of them?! They are a great way to clean excess wax out of your ears!

Bear and I decided to give them a try- ear candles are pretty simple to use, *I highly recommend not doing them alone- you're going to want someone to keep an eye on the flame. The candle is not made of wax, so you don't have to worry about the candle melting on you- it's made of (almost) an athletic tape type of material.

Grab a towel- you wouldn't mind cutting- cut an X into the towel and place the EAR candle through to protect- just in case- then snug the end into the canal of your ear.

Light the opposite side of the ear candle with a flame- and allow the candle to burn down until the marked ridge. It is common to feel a suction.

You can blow out the flame- but it will SMOKE black for entirely too long. I have found the best way is to have a bowl of water ready, on the side- and use a pair of scissors to cut the burning candle piece and allow it to fall into the bowl of water. Precisely as the boxed directions show-

Very cool to see how great they work-

much better than a Q-tip!

EAR CANDLES 10/10 recommend. *****

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