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NAIR * Hair Removal Self Care Routine

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

***I do not own any rights to the awesome music playing for your entertainment*** Hey Guys! Casiecasem, here. Thanks for hanging out with me! Today we're going to experiment with the #1 hair removal brand- #NAIR It claims to smooth skin for up to 6 days- that's about right… today is day 6 and I could keep going- Keep in mind, I'm a natural dirty dishwater blonde ;) I used it for my upper lip too… I may have kept it on my upper lip a little too long, it was raw afterwards- but I'd probably use it again. It was more convenient than threading or plucking- I don't get waxes. -My personal preference. Maybe on my bikini… but speaking of bikini area, I do like to use NAIR there, too… just not in this video ;) As always- we have to clean the inside out before we clean the outside. Today, I'm going to use a trifecta whitening routine. Charco Caps are ground capsules of Activated Charcoal. It's great for digestion, but today.. I'm going to break one open and pour it's granulated contents inside my mouth and use water to sprinkle enough for a paste. Be careful not to swallow any charcoal… it's an absorbent… it's not a good feeling- trust me on that, too. I brush for about 2- 4 minutes…. really get in the mind frame to ENJOY brushing your teeth. Enjoy getting in there, scrub those crevasses… take care of your pretty teeth and they'll last longer. Rinse and Brush with your choice in toothpaste… Charco Caps DO NOT refreshen… and you'll want to get all the black leftovers from the paste. I follow that with Hydrogen Peroxide. There are SO many multi uses for Hydrogen Peroxide, including a full list for your oral hygiene. I wash my pretty face with Charcoal soap… Say Yes to Charcoal Soap I enjoy exfoliating with a rotating face brush. It doesn't matter the brand- you don't need to get an expensive one either- I've found them for about $30 with all the attachments. For my Astringent- I'm using SeaBreeze instead of my normal Apple Cider Vinegar- just a little something different. I love the cool mint feeling this gives afterwards. It was my favorite in high school. Works great. Oldie but a goodie. :) It's available at your local Market/ shopping stores. For today- I am using the Sensitive formula with 100% Natural Coconut Oil. Allow it to sit in a good layer for no more than 10 minutes. Definitely don't let it go longer than that on your face. Trust me on that one. This bottle came with an attached sponge to utilize during the removal process- Wet it, wring in out, and sweep away in a circular motion. -Whew. Then follow it up with a BathTub time. IT's TAKE CARE OF YOURSELFIE SATURDAY!!!! Cheers to The little victories. If there's anything you want me to try- let me know. And while you're there, don't forget to sign up for the Newsletter! 2019 LOVE YOURSELFIE CONVENTION 2/10/19 Hosted by AVEDA Institute- Jacksonville FL If you liked this video, Give your girl a THUMBS UP and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE- it's a little victory for me. Check out my tutorial for my MOTD look here: This is my simple- yet staple Fresh Face routine. If you happen to have more time on your hands and want a deeper/ full bodied "take care of yourselfie" session, check out my Deep Clean Full Routine- here: And if you enjoy a more step by step description of the products, check out my Beauty Breakdown video, here: I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Remember, you don't have to follow my routine or use any of these products... I'm simply here to encourage you to do something. Also, check out what else we've got going on: FB: IG: Love you guys, until next time- Bye. #changethefaceofdepression #casiecasem #nair Music: Turn my Heart to Stone- MO Faded Love- Tinashe

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