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Control- Yoga Sunday

What do you think of when you hear the word yoga?

When I hear the word yoga I think of Structure, Control, Balance, Angles, Mindfulness, Peace, and Clarity.

The next word I want to discuss is Control. Yoga teaches you to have control over everything you do. It teaches you to control each muscle's movement. It can help you control your spirit and center your aura. The most important aspect yoga helps you learn to control is your mind. - I will touch on the different levels of control in this blog.

When doing any type of yoga you have to have some type of control.

My favorite is Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means the movement between poses.

It is typically accompanied by regulated breathing. You control your muscles to move with each breath you take.

Think of a yoga sequence: move from mountain pose (Tadasana) to swan dive down into a forward fold (Uttanasana).

In Tadasana you are slowing your breathing, keeping your feet planted into the ground while standing tall like a mountain.

You take a breath and on the exhale -bring your arms straight out to the side while hindging at the hips, keeping your back and legs as straight as possible (Swan dive). Once you reach your most flexible point you bring your arm down to the ground (Uttanasana). With each pose you should feel different muscle groups working together to help you achieve this vinyasa.

Your spirit is your most guarded treasure. It's what keeps you balanced and happy.

It's the core of who you are as a person.

Every person has aura that surrounds them and their spirit. This aura protects you but it is also the first thing someone scenses when they are in your presence. If your aura is all over the place (whether you are mad, frustrated, or sad) an outsider can scense this and make a judgement on how to approach you.

You never want your aura all over the place because it makes you vulnerable and it is not protecting your spirit. By practicing yoga it can help you realign your aura and center your Chakras. It teaches you discipline and help you control the energy you are sending to the world.

Overtime you will be able to identify this energy. You will learn how to release the negative energy and accept the positive energy to brighten your spirit.

Yoga helps you control your mind.

Your mind is your most valuable asset because it tells you how to feel which can effect your aura and spirit but it also tells your muscles when to move and when to relax. Yoga teaches you how to control your thoughts and teaches you to think positive. It teaches you that over time you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. By focusing on certain movements while doing yoga you are building muscles and activating that connection between your mind and muscle. When you go into a meditative state you use your mind to control your aura to calm you.

Your mind is very powerful and if it is trained correctly it will help you accomplish goals.

These are a few examples of why control comes to mind when I think of the word yoga.

You are in control over everything you do and how you react to the circumstances out of your control.

Thank you for joining me in Yoga Sunday.

Mave waves and become the myth- Mermaidstace

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