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I had an incredible time at the fall festival.

I had an incredible weekend. What an incredible day. It was as colorful as my facepaint. Thank you SO much Mr. Bill from AAA Big Top entertainment for this beautiful mask. (904)307-2499- he's a cancer ward entertainer for wolfson's. Check out what he's doing. Tell him I sent you. <3

I'm doing my black head remover routine... because.. well... we're in our 30's now. This is what happens when you sleep with your makeup on.

Especially during princess week.


The soap is handmade by Mrs. Carol. She owns Skinkist Handcrafted Soap, LLC Charcoal and Tee tree...

We'll see. but it smells incredible. - Tell her I said "thanks for the candy- She's the sweetest. <3

The first thing to go is Self care- It's remembering little things, like... your pretty face needs some lovin' too. I mean, you GOTTA take time to love yourself. This is "My Holy Grails and step by step of washing my face". As you can tell, I love my make up. ..Especially my Waterproof Mascara

First things first: you have to clean out the inside before you can clean up the outside.

My first holy grail is: Charco Caps from Wal-Mart They are pink capsules filled with Activated Charcoal granulated and used for multiple things: like teeth whitener. Mix the contents with water to make a paste. The amount of liquid will determine the consistency. I use this technique about once a week.

Brushing with Activated Charcoal alone is not enough to freshen your breath too, so I follow that up with my regular toothpaste and then a splash of Peroxide.

I quit smoking cigarettes (and vaping) about 11 months ago. I need all the whitening help I can get and these seem to be working. ;)

Once my teeth are sparkling I scrub scrub scrape my tongue. That's where all the bad breath bacteria is hanging out. Now it's time for ma pretty face.

Coconut Oil.

Holiest of Grails. I put that * on era'thang. A pea sized dollap whiped clean with a moist cotton swab... softer than a baby's biscuit.

One of my favorite cleaning tools is the facial brush-

It doesn't matter the cost or the brand, I have a $50 one from Mary Kay and I have a $20 one from CVS- the cost does not make a difference. Either way, I highly recommend investing in one.

Just lightly on the surface, as you can see, a gentle lather and light scrubby.

I follow that up with the equally as awesome and beneficial Holiest of Grails: Apple Cider Vinegar.

Oh my lanta the uses.

This is my astringent.

yep.... it burns.

It's also good for something just as important as your face.

Miss Kitty.

Just a dab on the outside, not on the inside. It's NOT the best of smells, so-

After the freshness dries- Be sure to follow up with a good soul cleansing shower. After you've towel dried- treat your clean self by hydrating with your favorite moisturizer.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

I'm goaling to do a new one every week*

If there's something you would like me to try- TELL ME ABOUT IT :)

It this video helped you, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

Thank you SO much for joining me!

It's the little victories, guys.

-Love ya.

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