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creating our routine for the weeks ahead.

Thank you, Adela Hittell for sharing your methods to success!

She writes:

Because I am an extremely visual learner and because I absolutely need repetition and multiple ways of seeing the same thing... My son is the same way.

So today we spent some time creating our routine for the weeks ahead.

Here is what had helped us in the past in transitions using all the resources we have.

1) Created a reminder board in his room. Color coordinated. Each Sunday, he is responsible for resetting the board for the following week. 1.a) this helped me so much with organization and time management as an adult 🤦‍♀️🤣💪

2) Set up the calendar. Any and all devices your child is using, phone, tablet or computer. 2.a) if you have no access to technology, you can use the first step by creating big post it notes around the house that you can hang. A visual reminder of the schedule.

3.) REMINDERS!!! This step is so important. Set up reminders for each tasks on all of your household devices.

Set the schedule up the way it works for you and your child. As long as the work is in and completed the way you move in your household and flow should dictate the schedule.

I know the flow in mine and we won't follow this exactly to the T. We have used this as a guideline to the responsibilities and accountabilities of the day for both of us.

This is his work schedule and he has to go to work too as you do. So work together and make it a fluid movement for the sanity of all.

Hope this has helped.

Let me know how you are doing with setting up for the next few weeks.


I also had him go and add his schedule on the Duval home learning site and make detail descriptions in his reminders about the tasks he must complete daily in each subject.

I like extra breakdowns... And more if possible. 😉🤣💪

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