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Yoga Sunday - Rest and Recovery

I don’t want to move!

Is what you might say to yourself the next day after a workout but sometimes moving is the only way to recover. There are a few things you should do after a hardcore workout that will help your muscles recover and repair themselves.

PROTEIN Immediately after your workout load up on protein and water. Protein is vital for muscle recovery because it is made up of essential amino acids that the body needs to successfully repair and build up the fibers of the muscles. Protein shakes or smoothies are great resource to help replenish the body if your not ready to eat. If you can eat, load up on lean meats like chicken or fish or indulge yourself in so yummy nuts.

WATER Keep your body hydrated before, during and after a workout is important because water helps fill the cells and prevent them from falling victim to protein synthesis. Water is important for facilitating digestion, so that the body can receive all of the nutrients that are needed for proper recovery.

REST AND STRETCH If you are sore to the point of not wanting to move, continuing your workout routine the next day may not be the best choice. Most people who workout continuously 7 days a week understand and know this. They focus on different muscle groups everyday to allow the muscles to recover. If you’ve completed a full body work out the best thing to do is stretch and rest for a full day. Your muscles will need the additional rest to fully recover and repair. Take an epsom salt bath and lightly stretch the sore muscles periodically throughout the day to encourage blood flow.

CONTINUE Once you have giving your body a full day of protein, water, rest, and stretch you should wake up feeling like a new person. Even if you are sore two days after your workout you should hit the gym to continue your muscle building process. Rest is vital to recovering and building muscles but too much rest will force you to start the process over.

Thank you so much for turning into Yoga Sunday - Rest and Recovery blog.

Now enjoy your Labor day weekend and remember never give up.

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