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The Breastfeeding Mentor- Breastfeeding Resources

I don't know about you, Momma... but breastfeeding is HARD.

From my point of view, Fed is BEST- but we all know breastfeeding is strongly pushed on new parents... and I personally feel like there are simply not enough resources out there. Support, support groups, information... good grief- for something so encouraged to do- it certainly comes with more taboo than it comes with support!

I was SICK of feeling like I have to hide in a bathroom stall or fight with a cover when my little one wants to nurse.

From me to you- here are the best support groups I've found to be on your side. I wish someone would have told me about these resources, so I'm here to tell you. I hope something keeps you cheering for yourself.

if no one else has told you- I AM PROUD OF YOU

WAY TO GO on your nursing journey! YOU GOT THIS!

and when it's all over, you'll look back and be proud of yourself for making it as far as you did.

No matter what avenue you choose- YOU ARE A GREAT MOM.


Just like "Kelly Blue Book" for your vehicles- did you know there is a "Kelly Mom"?! there sure IS!

and Kelly Mom is all about breastfeeding and parenting-

Also, if you Google "breastfeeding" it should populate all of our local resources. Don't be afraid to reach out to a support group. That's what they are for- to SUPPORT you on your nursing journey.

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