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Free Daily Kids workouts on Youtube

This is great news for parents and kids who are reeling from the news of school closures due to the Coronavirus. Joe Wicks, famous as The Body Coach, has said he will become 'the nation's P.E. teacher' by giving daily online P.E. classes for kids!

Starting from Monday he will be holding kids' workout classes on his You Tube channel, and he will be doing them every weekday at 9am during the school closures.

The workouts are designed to be kid friendly, will last half an hour, and won't need much space so they can be done indoors if you're self-isolating.

We think this is an amazing idea, and it should help keep the kids active as well as bringing some structure and routine to the day while we're all 'home schooling'.

I'm going to do this every day with the kids, and maybe it will make me a bit healthier too! Thank you Joe

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