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It's almost 9am.


t's almost 9 am. My brain has been awake for, well, it feels like the last 3 days-

I woke up this morning feeling like I barely slept, even though I laid down earlier than I normally do. It's Wednesday-

I didn't get my first cup of coffee in until I made it to work this morning- and that was two hours later than it should have been.

I was late getting my coffee, but I made it to work on time-

sometimes, the slightest inconvenience can wipe away all the joy for the entire day- if you let it.

But I won't. NOT TODAY.

Because today IS Wednesday.

it's the middle of the week and I'm going to speak at Club Challenge today.

I'm going to have a conversation with a group of teenagers, encouraging them to keep going...

How can I give other people hope, if I allow my lack of a simple cup of coffee to take away all mine?


and I'm going to WIN.

I'm going to continue to win because I've been to the point where I've had nothing to lose... and It showed me my own strength.

Depression is the big war.

Me against myself.

And there are tiny victories to be won, every single day.

somedays I may not win the battle- but I will never lose the war-


Happy Happy Wellness Wednesday.

In celebration of our #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020

Which will be held on February 9th, 2020 and hosted at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay we will be posting a FACE A DAY.

Every single day, we are faced with something new. A new diversity, a new challenge- a new victory.

And every single day- we grow.

80% of the success is showing up- The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.

Join us for the #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 event you can register now at

PC: Adela Hittell if you would like to be involved or you would like to donate a gift of services or sponsorship, your help is greatly appreciated- please visit: — at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay.

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