Chicken and wild rice.

It's Monday,

and the end of winter break. Most parents are excited for today... I can't seem to be able to stop crying. This morning at 7 am, my youngest boarded a flight across the country, to the other half of her residency. 5 months is a long time. and it's a long time to go without seeing your baby.

sometimes, I feel like it's universally unfair- I've lost my mom and half of the custody of my child. It's a burden I wouldn't wish on my enemy.

I know, even though my tears keep flowing, she's smiling while she gets two holidays. We're a blended family.

But, I just want to be held. ..the way I wish I could hold her.

and I can't.

But this is my burden, I can't sit in it. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's business as usual.

I'm out of coffee creamer.

Chicken wings sound amazing... and I just renewed my subscription to Netflix.

I think I'll sit home tonight.. for once, it's Monday and I'm not manic.

I don't want to do much of anything.

... but it is Monday....

and Publix serves my favorite soup tonight.


In celebration of our #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020

Which will be held on February 9th, 2020 and hosted at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay we will be posting a FACE A DAY.

Every single day, we are faced with something new. A new diversity, a new challenge- a new victory.

And every single day- we grow.

80% of the success is showing up- The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.

Join us for the #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 event you can register now at

PC: Adela Hittell if you would like to be involved or you would like to donate a gift of services or sponsorship, your help is greatly appreciated- please visit: — at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay.

— at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay.

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