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A stormy hue of blue.

This weather. It's been as dreadful as my attitude has been, lately.

The cold, silent type; chills you to the bone. There seems to be a grey filter. A stormy hue of blue.

I love fall. I love warm tea by the fire. I love oysters and pumpkin anything is a favorite guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy this time of the season. I smile driving by neighborhoods when their front yard decorations catch a glimpse of my eye. Any excuse to sip coffee in pajamas on Saturdays and not leave because it's too cold outside is fine by me. I've got decades worth of books to read and movies to watch...

but weather like this gets me a little foggy.

Kinda makes it hard to see from the mist of rain that never seems to stop pouring.

It's sweater weather. The beginning of my most favorite time of year.

it's also the easiest time to put my hair up and hide inside my favorite sweater.

This is also the beginning of the hardest time of the year for me. It can be a trigger for my depression... and my self care can go easily and unnoticeably neglected.

So, if I were writing a letter to myself- to get through this part, I would say:


There are three things.

1. In the morning when you go to the restroom- brush your teeth while you're in there. Establish the routine to do everything in one trip. Pee. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. You know it's done. -And brush your tongue. You're not doing yourself or anyone any favors if you forget that part.

2.Shave your legs every time you shower. That way you can keep track of how long it's been since you've taken a shower. You're going to feel SO much better. And if you find yourself still not knowing- that's ok. We've been much worse than this part. And honestly, I bet I'm looking forward to the shower cry we're about to experience. Turn the lights down and the music up. Let the shower rinse the noise away....but make sure you take a shower. Bathe. This is your friendly reminder of how good it feels to get clean. If you find yourself off track, dedicate two days a week to a major deep self clean. Saturday and Wednesday. Selfie Saturday and Wellness Wednesday, that's what we call them. Saturday Mornings and Wednesday nights are your favorite days to do a face mask- go try, I'll prove it.

3. it's ok to dress up. In fact, it's encouraged. Wear something besides those same black leggings and sweats. Invest in yourself. When you take the time to take time for yourself.. it's like you're giving yourself a hug. ...and everybody could use a hug. ...and when you look better, you feel better. When you feel better- you bloom.

So, here we are again. But we've been here before.

We've been through much worse than this.

and we know- life only gets better from here.

....enjoy that hot tea.

I love you.

In celebration of our #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020

Which will be held on February 9th, 2020 and hosted at Aveda Institute Clearwater we will be posting a FACE A DAY.

Every single day, we are faced with something new. A new diversity, a new challenge- a new victory.

And every single day- we grow.

80% of the success is showing up- The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.

Join us for the #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 event you can register now at

PC: Adela Hittell if you would like to be involved or you would like to donate a gift of services or sponsorship, your help is greatly appreciated- please visit:

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