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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

***VIDEO MAY be partially muted- Youtube:

**I do not own any rights to this amazing musical entertainment-**

In celebration of our 2019 Love YOURSELFIE convention with @avedainstitutejax *FEBRUARY 10 TH 2019* I will be posting a new video per genre announcing what you have to look forward to. This is #montage🌸🌸

I'd like to present Montage to introduce an incredibly talented photographer: Geno- He is the amazing eye at Genovision-

IG: genopix

He'll be partnering with us! have YOU seen #red, #saturdays and #butterflies ?🌟🌟 #boudoir #changethefaceofdepression

Red- Saturdays- Butterflies-

Our mission is to create a Foundation hosting a once-a-year convention giving world wide Stylists, Makeup Artists and Photographers, (wanting to expand their freelance hours and portfolios), the opportunity to participate in transforming a life. The variety of art perspectives will enhance the opportunity to show beauty in a multitude of forms. Artists/ Stylists/ Barbers/ Cosmetologists/ Photographers/ Videographers/ Graphics/ Makeup (ect.) can come together *Expand their portfolio *Gain experience *Network *Market *Make an impact on someone's life. Providing a mini-makeover and photo shoot. *Essential for Self Esteem *Education *Mental Health The Convention will be broken into sectors; then genre: Horror Glamour shots Portraits Boudoir Raw Image, (ect.) The genres will be broken down into booths or chair. A company or full team/ business/ or school can purchase an entire booth- any additional space in the booth would be open as a chair. Chairs can be purchased individually- per genre they are interested in working with: *Gain Experience *Team work *Build Creationism *Network I feel, honestly, if this was something offered to me during my darkest days of depression, it would have made a great impact on my recovery. Something so simple, yet so important. "Take off the mask" represents ripping off the blind depression has plastered on one’s self-worth. Allowing you to see yourself at your best, the way the world deserves to see you. Ripping off the mask depression has blinded you with. Get Involved. Join the Movement. Together- we can Change the Face of Depression.

-to register, please visit our website-

Music: Twenty One Pilots VS Halsey- Young Radio (mashup)

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