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What is Therapy?

Therapy? What is Therapy?

Good Question. Physical Therapy is where you meet with a physical

therapist to strengthen your muscles, often after injury.

We are here for your mental health!

Your Brain, your thoughts, the part of you that makes you truly unique.

Mental Health therapy involves you talking with a therapist.

Yep, a conversation. No pins, no needles, no blood. In fact, sometimes it is called

“Talk Therapy”.

I know what you are thinking.

It cannot be that simple. I talk to my friends.

Well, you are right.

It is not that simple.

A trained therapist will walk through the conversation with you discussing

your feelings and emotions. The therapist will work with you to understand your emotions and events that cause you stress. Together you and your therapist will work on a plan to move feelings and emotions from negative to positive.

ANNNDDD sometimes there is homework!

What homework!?!

Relax, you are not going to be sitting with a book doing times tables for hours. The homework will be designed by you and your therapist for you to recognize or practice things you have discussed in therapy.

Therapy should NEVER cause you more stress. NEVER.

It may be hard to discuss certain things with your therapist,


you should always feel that you are in a safe place when speaking with your therapist.

*** These articles are NOT a substitution for therapy. If you have any questions or concerns about your emotions, please contact a physician in your community or reach out to a counselor.

You can dial 988

and reach the national suicide prevention hotline.

T. Freeman, LCSW

Helpful articles and

ways to find a LCSW near you:

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