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Weekly Chore Chart and Screen Time Checklist

I don't know about you, but I can get SUPER overwhelmed with keeping up my chores around the house. I want my kids to help, but they stand around aimlessly, waiting for me to give them specific (step-by-step) directions on what "to do next".

Keeping track of where we are on the list and what needs to still get done has overwhelmed me to the point I've simply gone back to bed before.

Enough was enough. I had to get a grip...

I found I work best with visuals- actual "checklists"

I am most successful when I take everything out, that's cluttering my brain, by putting it down on paper. I love "to-do" lists. Most of all, I love checking off to-do lists.

After years of repeating myself and experiencing anxiety trying to establish a routine for my little family, I put on my adult pants and researched what other households did to get their lives in order.

I found some great ideas-

I have compiled several of them together and made some printable PDF pages for you- Happy Home!

Weekly Chore Chart
Download PDF • 182KB

Screentime Checklist
Download PDF • 158KB

Kitchen Duties
Download PDF • 22KB

Extra Screen Time Cards
Download PDF • 34KB

Extra Allowance Card
Download PDF • 37KB

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