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#TOTM 2 years sober.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

2 years sober with the "Shake n'bake of sobriety" himself, Mr. Payton Vaughn. 

when you've lived in a field, under a pallet, with nothing lower than you, than the dirt.. all you have, is a piece of stolen wood for shelter...

that resonates. 

 There isn't much lower you can go, than six feet under. 

Time to stand back up, and take control. 

Addiction ain't stronger than you are.  Make sobriety great again. 

Hey guys,  it's CasieCasem, with Change the Face of Depression. This is my podcast: Take off the Mask (TOTM) 

Take off the mask.

is a place where no ground is too deep. We have raw interviews, with real people, making an impact. 

Impacting the world, in a better way than the world impacted us. 

Some of this is tough to hear, 

Listener’s discretion is advised. 

For more episodes, and to find out how you can help Change the Face of Depression, check us out at:

We’re also on facebook and instagram.

Thanks for hanging out with me. 

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