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Change the Face of Depression (CTFOD) is centered on the elements of self-care; raising awareness of it's importance to the teachings of implementing it.

Depression spares no walk of life. It doesn't matter the race nor the dynamics of the people it affects. 

As a foundation, we are a source of resources to those that are looking to over come depression.

To impact countless lives by encouraging their path to regain a sense of their own self-worth.  

There are several ways your donation will be used through the foundation and throughout the community.

The Self-Care Kit-

When one suffers from depression, self care is the first thing to go. In efforts to boost recovery we have organized a variety of Self-Care Kits. The kits include, but are not limited to, the essentials of hygiene needed to start over (i.e. soap, shampoo, deodorant, ect.) leading up to the products used to seek and obtain successful employment (i.e. groom, hygiene essentials, interview attire, ect.).

The kits range in detail of their recipient to encompass their individual basic needs are met. 

We feel the quality and efficiency will be an asset to the recipients. Not only are they practical for many purposes, they are effective and will encourage the recipient an easier way to keep clean. They are also convenient and easy to travel with. 

Wellness Wednesday- 

We commemorate making it through another week by challenging a Wellness Wednesday give-a-way! Wellness Wednesdays change weekly in efforts to encourage self care by embracing the challenge to try something new. May it be gifting a donation of products or services to enhance the accountability of hygiene or a new experience to brave the isolation depression weighs on one's wellbeing. Wellness Wednesdays are made to salute the finish line of another success. 


The #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 event is set for Sunday, February 9th, 2020.  

The LOVEYOURSELFIE event is a source for resources. 

Attendees of the event are treated to a professionally groomed style then captured in a photoshoot by our award winning photographers in efforts to boost self-esteem.  They'll be surrounded by professionals and self-care advocates to educate their sense of self care and enhance their level of self worth.   Not only is this a donation based fundraiser, it's a celebration. A mark of no return, to remember- there's no going backwards from here. Change The Face of Depression is a Foundation where Artists/ Stylists/ Cosmetologists/ Photographers/ Makeup (ect.) can come together: *Expand their portfolio *Gain experience *Network *Market *Make an impact on someone's life.

Providing a mini-makeover and photo shoot.

*Essential for Self Esteem *Education *Mental Health

The Convention will be broken into sectors, then genre.

Horror Glamour shots Portraits Boudoir Raw Image (ect.)

The genres will be broken down into booths. Each booth will be broken down to chair.

A company or full team/ business will occupy an entire booth/ any additional space in the booth would be open as a chair. Chairs can be occupied individually, per genre they are interested in working with: *Gain Experience *Team work *Build Creationism *Network

Donations/ Hours will be credited to all companies/ schools/ individuals as it's a partnering business and non-profit.

The variety of art perspectives will enhance the opportunity to show beauty in a multitude of forms.  

I feel, honestly, if this was something offered to me during my darkest days of depression, it would have made a great impact on my recovery. Something so simple, yet so important.

A chance at a reset. A beautiful and powerful opportunity for a vital, yet so often complacent, reminder of one's worth. Our mission is Impact for Impact. 

Impact the world in a better way than the world impacted you-

This year's #LOVEYOURSELFIE2020 will be hosted at AVEDA Institute Tampa Bay/ Clearwater. 

On Sunday, February 9th, 2020 from 10 AM until 4 PM AVEDA will open their institute to host.  Address: 28272 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33761

AVEDA’s students and affiliates will be volunteering to service the attendees a style consisting of a blow out and makeup session, followed by a maze of wellness stations to exhibit their services; including destresser outlets.

*Award winning artist- Rich Cutz and The FADEMASTERS(7) of Tampa will be our partnering Barbers. 

 A variety of motivational speakers, hygiene and wellness experts, as well as, local community resources will be visiting to encourage the celebration and accountability of personal self care. 

Ferrari of Tampa Bay will be displaying their cars in celebration of their support and to assist with curb appeal-  We would like to request your donation to help Change the Face of Depression.

There are also sponsorship, scholarship, and donation opportunities. 

Along with the efforts to raise funds for CTFOD, we are also raising funds for Project Cold Case. In remembrance of Melissa “Missy Taylor” Ellison, my mother, #LOVEYOURSELFIE is to raise awareness to continue to live a life worth living. Never regret growing old, so many are denied the privilege. My mother was murdered days before her 21st birthday, just days after Christmas. This year will be 32 years, my family still has no answers. Her case remains unsolved. Thanks to the works of the non-profit Project Cold Case, my mother’s murder; as well as countless others, are getting media coverage they haven’t had during the course of our lifetime. Thanks to Project Cold Case, lives like my mother’s may have been stolen, but they’ll never be forgotten. Project Cold Case is ran solely off of donations- Please feel free to make a donation in honor of “Missy” directly to them, as a way of showing your support.

You can find Melissa's story and why we work with Project Cold Case here:

We look forward to working with you- Thank you for your generous contribution and continued effort to help Change the Face of Depression and impacting the world. 

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