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ALL the photos are uploaded!

  1. Hello Hello Hello! A BIG THANK YOU!! To everyone that attended the event! It was a beautiful success. From the Behind the scenes, the volunteers, the students, partners and affiliates- to the care givers and champions of care. The stylists, the makeup artists, the photographers. Thank you to the vendors and everyone that donated their time and services! We hope you think of it as a landmark of change and courage. Never go backwards. We hosted our #loveyourselfie event on Sunday, February 9th at Aveda Institute Tampa Bay We had an incredible turn out and it was an amazing experience. Complimentary Self- Care day, Attendees of the event were treated to a professionally groomed style then captured in a photoshoot by our award winning photographers in efforts to boost self-esteem. I am extremely excited to announce, all of the photos are posted! Thank you to every one that attended. Please feel free to sign in and check them out! You will need to register your email as a member to have full access to your photos for download.

The photos will be under the "members only" section- there will be 5 pages of photographers to explore.

We would love to hear from you about your experience and we hope you love your pictures.

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