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Great BIG Thank you to all of our participating photographers. We hope you absolutely love your pictures. 


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CTFOD partner photographer Adela Hittell logo

This is the 2nd year Adela has partnered with CTFOD  for the LYS Event. Adela Hittell was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1993, during the Bosnian War, at the age of five, she was captured, along with her family, and held prisoner until her rescue. On May 7, 1997, she immigrated, with her immediate family to the USA. She became an official citizen of the United States right before her 18th birthday in 2005. In 2013 she completed her licensing for cosmetology from Aveda Institute. In 2014, she opened her own business Adela H Hair and went on to successfully transition her business into the art world. In 2017 she launched her own magazine publication A.D.E.L.A.VILLE, where she discovered her voice through her own depression. In 2017, she officiated the launch of her non-profit Project Human Inc., PHInc., in which she hopes she can help bring about the change in our narratives and end the stigma on mental and emotional health through her own story, her experiences and her awareness of self. She is fighting against the stigma that the society has placed on invisible illness and on the stigma against mental and emotional health one conversation at a time.

Yami is a local to the Tampa Bay area, she donated her time and passion to capture the Behind the Scenes and outside Ferrari fun! Thank you for your incredible support Yami! 

CTFOD partner photographer Bassel Jadaa  Photography logo

Bassel Jada is a Jacksonville native. He hosts the JaxFilmBar and has directed, produced, and shot several films in the indie genre. Bassel is talented in all aspects of cinematography and design. 


Laylonna L Hurley has been in the industry for over 30 years. Starting as a Model and later doing BTS photography while on set, she fell in love with the aspects of it. Laylonna has dedicated her life in fine art and beauty photography. In 2015 she started her own magazine that focuses on self love and embracing beauty. Later that same year, she started a production company called Loudmouth production for media, fashion shows and events, casting the models that didn't fit the stereotype of industry beauty. Laylonna now travels, on a mission to empower females everywhere, though her Parachute Goddess Project. She has handmade parachutes to fit every shape and style of body. Her mission is to empower females to shake the shackles of the industry and society's definition of beauty.


Patty Dunn traveled from Jacksonville to support our photobooth fun and help with Behind the Scenes. She is an amazing person, gifted photographer, and she's pretty incredible as an aunt too- Thank you for all your love and support! 

Photobooth with Patty

I met Geno the first opportunity I worked with Adela. It was a high fashion photoshoot and not only was there high energy- standards were even higher.  I have been on many sets of many styles of photography shoots- I’m a licensed photographer, myself.  I had, at that point, never experienced anything quite like working with Geno.  Eugene “GenoVision” Thomas originated his career as a DiscJockey. The attention to detail and passion for shadowed lighting planted as he learned to control the vibe of the party. He discovered “timing is everything” when it comes to grasping the right shot- it all orchestrates with the movement. 

CTFOD partner photographer GENOPIX CTFOD picture by ADELAHJAX
CTFOD partner photographer Geno Vision logo
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